The Spinekind range - designed
with your spine in mind


Spinekind is a range of premium ergonomic executive chairs that transform comfort and improve posture.

The chairs are scientifically designed by a clinical expert to ensure that they are, as the name suggests, kind to your spine. The unique shape and patented technology of Spinekind chairs provide optimal support for your body in an innovative way. The variety and scope of adjustments in these chairs exceeds any other chair on the market and ensures “active sitting”, which has been shown to improve your health, you can also enjoy a gentle recline without hurting your spine.

Our seating technology allows you to easily change your sitting position to engage more of your core muscles whilst always maintaining support for the whole of your spine. The unique backrest shape improves your sitting posture even when you can’t sit in your Spinekind chair. Our aim is for you to sit in comfort, enjoy your working day more and hence be more productive.

Spinekind is for individuals and companies who understand that sitting in comfort is important, Stuart Seating provides premium, ergonomic, executive seating that keeps people happy and healthy.

In Great Britain alone 8.8 million workforce days were lost in 2016 due to work related muscle and joint injuries, this represents 41% of all illness related absence days. With our clinical understanding and scientific approach to chair design we aim to reduce the pain and discomfort people experience from sedentary work.

Better seating reduces absence from the workplace and our Spinekind chairs improve happiness, health, and productivity of office workers. Stuart Seating aims to make your working life better.


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