The correct office chair
is the most important piece of equipment
in many workplaces

In the U.K 31 Million work days were lost due to Musculoskeletal pain (mostly back, neck and muscle pain) in 2013.
(ONS sickness absence report 2014)

HSE Advice Info

Making sure that you and your team are provided with a safe and comfortable working environment is not only important for the welfare of every individual, scientific studies have also shown that the productivity of the workforce is improved when good quality chairs and ergonomic advice are provided. The correct chair can reduce the risk of office related injuries, but when allied to appropriate training can increase workforce productivity by up to 17.5 %.

At Stuart Seating we have a team of chiropractors with experience in ergonomics who can assess your needs and requirements, whether in a home office or in a large corporation. Chiropractors are trained to assess and treat muscle and joint injuries they are also very knowledgeable about prevention of these problems. Having good working postures and habits is a critical part of this and this is where our team is here to help.

DSE (display screen equipment) assessments are used to help prevent problems associated with poor postures and working habits and help people to set up their workstation in a way that allows them to be comfortable and productive. These can take the form of a few simple checks and questions followed by some advice from our experts, or may represent a more detailed evaluation.

We offer 3 types or levels of DSE assessments, and cover the following areas:
Surrey, Byfleet, Chertsey, Dorking, Guildford, Kingston, Leatherhead, Redhill, Reigate, Weybridge, Woking

Simple Workstation Check

Half Day: £250.00  |  Full Day: £400.00

This is generally given to many or all of the members of a team or office and will involve a few minutes of face to face time to assess and advise each person.

Remedial Workstation Assessment


This is for those individuals who need a bit more help in areas that have been flagged up by a simple self check from an online or in house self assessment. A remedial assessment will generally last for 30-60 minutes when one of our qualified chiropractors will assess the person’s workstation and discuss any problems they are having. This information will then be recorded and a short report will be made that includes various recommendations. These are likely to include advice about workstation set up, the client’s posture and working habits. We would always attempt to use the equipment already provided to the individual, but if needed we can provide a quote for more appropriate equipment.

Complex workstation Assessment


This is the most detailed assessment for those individuals who have had a problem which may have resulted in time off work or the need for treatment of a particular condition. In this style of assessment we take a thorough history of the problem that the person has (as we would if they were one of our patients) then we assess their workstation in detail. We then offer in depth advice, including a detailed written report about how best to reduce the impact that working postures and habits may have on the person’s condition or injury.


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