The Spinekind range - designed
with your spine in mind


At Stuart Seating, we have packed Spinekind chairs full of Ergonomic features. Take a look at the key Technical Specifications which make a Spinekind chair your ideal Ergonomic Chair choice;


The back width of the chair is fixed at 380mm.

The back height of the chair is adjustable from 750mm to 830mm.

The seat width of the chair is fixed at 520mm.

The seat height of the chair is adjustable from 510mm t0 560mm.

The seat depth of the chair is adjustable from 390mm to 520mm.

Cocyx Cut out

The coccyx cut out is a gap at the rear of the seat under the users coccyx area. This removes contact pressure for those with pre existing coccyx injuries.

Polished Base

All of our chairs are built with heavy duty polished aluminium bases as standard, and have scuff resistant end caps fitted to protect the base and make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Adjustable Head Rest

When fitted to a medium back chair, the head rest can be adjusted by moving it up or down. You can also adjust the tilt angle of the head rest backwards and forwards for maximum neck and head support.

Inflatable Lumbar Support

Lumbar support is intended to avoid flattening of the lumbar spine that can occur when seated. A pump up air cell allows the depth of the lumbar support curve to be adjusted, matching the natural curve of your lumbar spine and offering maximum support.

Multi-functional Arm Support

Multi-functional arms can be adjusted to 3 dimensions; arm height, arm width and arm depth. The ability to make these adjustments allows the user to set the optimum point at which their arms will be supported.

Inflatable Air-Flo Seat Cell

As you change body position during the course of the working day, Air-Flo will enhance, support and follow your natural body movements with the continual distribution of air between the foam encapsulated chambers contained within the seat upholstery.

Ratchet Height Adjustable Back

The Ratchet height adjustable posture curved backrest has 8 height settings to accommodate users of all shapes and sizes. When sitting, the base and top of your back have different pressure points, that's why we use dual density foam in the backrest for enhanced comfort and support.

Body Weight Tension Control

This single revolution dial can be turned in order to adapt the tilt mechanism tension to the user's body weight. Turning the dial clockwise will make it easier to tilt the seat, whilst turning the dial anti-clockwise will increase the resistance making it harder to adjust the tilt of the seat.

Seat Height Adjustment Mechanism

This simple and easy to use mechanism allows the user to increase the height of the seat. At its lowest setting, the seat is 510mm from the floor, making it perfect for users with shorter legs. For users with longer legs, the seat height can be extended to 560mm from the floor.

Seat Angle Adjustment Mechanism

Pushing this lever down allows the user to angle the seat at 0°, 2.5° or 5°, optimizing the position of their hips in relation to their lower back, providing additional comfort, encouraging a more active sitting posture and engaging more postural and core muscles.

Seat Slide Mechanism Lever

This simple push mechanism allows the user to increase the distance from the front of the seat to the back rest (seat depth). By planting their feet and sliding forward, the seat will move to adjust to the length of the users' upper leg (base of buttock to top of upper knee).

Inflatable Lumbar Support Hand Pump

When squeezing this pump, the inflatable lumbar support will fill with air, inflating to a level that satisfies the users comfort level. Pressing the small button at the top of the pump will deflate the lumbar support air capsule contained within the back upholstery.

Air-Flo Seat Cell Hand Pump

By squeezing this pump repeatedly, the Air-Flo Seat Cell will fill with air, inflating to a level that satisfies the users comfort level. Pressing the small button at the top of the pump will deflate the Air-Flo Seat Cell, removing air from the dual air capsules contained within the seat upholstery.

Seat Slide Mechanism Lever 2

When both seat slide mechanism's are engaged, the seat depth can be varied by 130mm. At its shortest setting the depth of the seat is 390mm, with the depth increasing to 520mm on it's longest setting in order to accommodate user's of all shapes and sizes.

Synchro Tilt Control Lever

The chair mechanism moves in a ratio of 2:1 and allows the chair and user to move in harmony, increasing mobility while sitting. This mechanism is lockable with an "anti-shock" catch and release system and has a tension adjustment to allow fluid movement for user's of all shapes and sizes.


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